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Why do you document your life?

100 percent of all the musicians I have worked with so far have never pushed the product after it was finished. And at some point I had to ask myself, What are we recording for?? this is my life/ I dont do this stuff for shits and giggles. So while everyone else went off to have babies or go work for fed ex, I have the stories to tell since I cant sell the DAMN music.

 You have a reputation for being out spoken. Do you think that has hendered your success.

When you are silenced for so long... and un rewarded for being a sheep. It turns you into a wolf. To give a more vivid answer, NO; People love to see you looking a mess. I write beautiful, deep thought, intricate songs, and my voice is AMAZING; But noone has cared about that for over 10 years now, and I have been "silent" long enough to prove it. When I did a video blog about Omarion and his wife having a mexican baby, it reached thousands of views in 1 day. I cussed out somebody on the MTA train station and it went Viral. But all of my songs and the music gets no play, unless It comes with a scandal.

 How has being the son of a famous Rock star helped your career?


  If things don't work out, do you see yourself going back to playing songs for pennies in the train?

I hope for more, but things have already "worked out", I am a musician and a creator, I will NEVER stop singing anywhere I go, but as long as I can make a penny I'm okay. And yes I am very proud of the industry that I helped to create, because I was doing it when their was no youtube videos, and when we had to hide from the police. Street performers are like Broadway actors; we are more talented then Hollywood or the recording industry combined. And It is a LIVE, crafty thrill, that everyone can't fulfill.

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Inspired by early R&b legends of the 6o's and 70's, His acoustic sound most resembles bill withers and Tracy chapman....

Posted by Adonis Steffan Sylvers on Friday, April 8, 2016

2 of the Greatest voices in NYC will merge together on one night and create something similar to a solar eclipse in the...

Posted by Adonis Steffan Sylvers on Thursday, April 7, 2016

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