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The LORD ITILL; LiBB productions (produced SWEAT, MINIONS, Super NOVA etc.)

I can't wait to get back in the studio to work on new music with LORD ITILL, this winter we will be recording the first of 3 new hit singles that will release around valentines day. Read more about my collaborations with ITILL Wiggins (of www.libbproductions.com) and follow us on face book under @fans of POLYstylez and the lord itill. And don't forget, the best studio rates in the BRONX, come straight out of the LIBB production lab. $30/hr. Book your appointment online today, visit the web site above for more info.



Hectic the back packa ; RIFF RAFF PRODUCTIONS, AND CYPHA CELCIUS SOUND LABS produced Dont make me ROB YOU, Never seen you with a gun, Nobody to listen, and much more...

2014 will be the ten year mark of collaborations with the super producer, JOE COX aka Da Barbarian-Backpacka HECTIC one. But that is not where the chapter ends. This summer we have plans to officially record music videos for the string of hits we created together, soon to be available on I- tunes. Hectic is located in Atlanta Ga and is available for bookings contact him through his you tube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/hecvisiontv


 In my blog "LIFE... as The Real ADONIS" I have dedicated a special page called "ACOUSTICS" to the good ole folks that just love to hear me play my instrument. When I play the guitar, there is an interrupted soul that reveals my true colors like no genre of music. True to my fellow folk artists and story tellers, this is a page for you, updated every time I add new music.


The Real adonis; Human sex toy

The sexually provocative soundtrack to my sex life describes the many faces of language arts & music, using no words. Visit the HUMAN SEX TOY channel to learn more.

RYME TYME NEWS, underground legend, unsigned hype

Follow all of the hottest under ground and independent emcees on the net, join freestyles and cyphers + learn about the characters in my animated world that center around this imaginary radio station where only the underground lives. Submit your music and be featured on the Ryme Tyme radio show, hosted in my Radio networks.


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 "A Retrospective outlook on what actually exists when Politics are disected down to simplicity"


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I met you on the MTA new york
I don't have any fans like the ones I have in New York City, the ones that have given me their time, cash and momentos, supporting what I love to do. Among all of the people that I have come across, there are none like my friends on 14th street. These are the people I see everyday and they are the ones I value, the most... You mean so much to me; and always will


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