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In the music game you can waste your lifetime and allowance playing around in the studio. I can write a book on the amount of people, hours and dollars wasted blowing my vocal chords in a session that went nowhere. From producers I fell out with, some who turned out to be crooks; and the multiple singers/rappers who were not cut out for longevity that ended up pregnant or in the military, or just decided to change their life. All these occurences while my music and my life goes un accounted for. All the hard work i have to explain to my loved ones that I put in-- while they think im doing just like the rest of them and havbing a good time. Making the music is just 20 percent of the process and its the only "good time". All the rest of my blood sweat and tears over 15 years has been trying to make use of it. Well if nothing I ever do can stabelize my financial burdens, atleast I have the scars and the glory to share with you. These are my recorded studio sessions.

The LORD ITILL; LiBB productions (produced SWEAT, MINIONS, Super NOVA etc.)

 He is the sound behind the incredible songs Sweat, SuperNova, and Minions. He also produced Your love is a drug and many other hits for other artists. Follow me on my journey in the BRONX new york, during a special time in my life where I made history with producer Itill Wiggins.


Hectic the back packa ; RIFF RAFF PRODUCTIONS, AND CYPHA CELCIUS SOUND LABS produced Dont make me ROB YOU, Never seen you with a gun, Nobody to listen, and much more...

2014 was the ten year mark of collaborations with the super producer, JOE COX aka Da Barbarian-Backpacka HECTIC one. But that is not where the chapter ends. This summer we have plans to officially record music videos for the string of hits we created together, soon to be available on I- tunes. Hectic is located in Atlanta Ga and is available for bookings contact him through his you tube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/hecvisiontv



2015 was the beginning of something completely new with the producer/rapper and director FEVALINO. Fevalino produced my unreleased and most highly anticipated song LIES. I am excited about where the rest of our music innovations will go. Stay tuned andf subscribe to my studio magazines for updates.



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I am not certain about the latest single released; J. Nolan drops new music like war does bombs. But if you click on the link (to the left), there is direct access to his face book page and website. He is also mentioned in FOCUS Magazine, on POLY-Nation.  Most recently I contacted jamar about a long distance, music collaboration for the website which he respectfully declined.
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  6. J. nolan
  7. Hectic
  8. Walt Lawz
  9. M 83
  10. QUES
  11. Kids on DSP
  12. RES
  13. Miranda Nicole
  14. New Breed Dex... AND Many more
Jamar Nolan, an underground HIP HOP recording artist/blogger who happens to be a polystylez favorite. Listen to his songs on my honors page and read his profile in Focus magazine.
Jamar Nolan @polystylez.com



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  T.I. and the Holly-HOOD shuffle

                                                                                                         Over 20 Years ago Robert Towsend wrote and starred in a film called “Holly Wood Shuffle”, satirizing the black actors of Hollywood and how they all play a role in the denigrating black culture. This used to be a problem you could not avoid if you wanted to be a working –black actor. There is even a name for the genre of film created back then, which is commonly referred to as black sploitation.  Through the 80’s, many black moguls (Spike Lee) were able to shift their positions of power, giving them the authority to write, produce and even distribute their own product on certain platforms.  Since then the entertainment industry had a superfluous of actors and rappers, such as Ice Cube, Queen Latifah, and Snoop DOG, who  have cleaned their style up in real life by either progressing in careers that are un commonly successful for  blacks in entertainment, Or just revamping how they live all together- in order to influence the youth . Well it would seem T.I. is participating in a little bit of both. On the business front he is bringing in a healthy check from VH-1 with his hit reality television show “T.I and the family Hustle”; displaying his life as a hard working father. Supposedly, He is merging his obligation with the fundamental elements of living that life honest. In the show he teaches his sons (and daughter) about how a woman should be treated, and how to respect others. He even teaches them the value of money, respect, setting boundaries, telling lies and being humble. But as of recent he is back to his old “trapping” ways releasing an album(2013) called “Trouble man: Heavy is the head” where in the first few sentences of one of his songs he began glorifying crack sales and popping “niggas” in the eye. When the VH1 show was in its infancy, he was interviewed on the Wendy Williams show, telling the world how positive his life was going to be, shortly after he was released from prison, for having military weapons with silencers in his possession- which he only got 2 years for, but swears he never snitched on an inside agent who was selling him weapons of mass destruction, during the countries alleged war on terror. (Yes, that’s something to digest), often evading questions when Wendy entertained his criminally intense saga. He just wanted to promote his happy family life and new TV show. And everything seemed like it was taking a turn for the best when the show got a second season and he stayed out of jail for a while. But he had no problem sharing his true feelings with a local NYC radio station that insinuated he was a snitch and a hypocrite when it came to the topic of gun laws. [see video below] Does the self-proclaimed, King of the south, deserve the royal gauntlet that he demands credit for? Or is he asking for way too much respect he didn’t earn? Don’t be like him, you pick a side and tell us what you think.


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Discover the rachet side of the Real Adonis as he covers all his favorite reality TV programs; giving his scoop and dishing the tea on the Baddest boys and girls of reality... It's BRUTAL BADNESS.

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The digital mixed tape compilation is an on going project inspired by my fans to produce their own songs using my beats available online. Youy can google "POLYstylez BEATS" or go to my LIVE page and click on the polystylez beats button. All songs are available on youtube. Download the track and record youir song and e-mail me the MP3 and i will upload it to the Digital Mixed tape collection; which will be used as a free promotional tool for upcoming artists available on line.

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Enjoy a continuous journey through HIP HOP, as I video tape and document the details of my awesome life through these CLUB BANGERS produced by the LORD ITILL.

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Re-visit my journey through RAP music where it all started and meet super producer JOE COX with Riff Raff productions.



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Monday, March 26, 2012

Adonis releasing a new single called SWEAT

Straight out the labs of the LORD ITILL, comes a second smash single by THE REAL ADONIS, due to release on APRIL 6th... Be on the look out for that on I-tunes.



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