Beyonce Heat 

Are you really gon dress like that? 

you really gotta put on lip stick? 

you let you hair down, fresh, no tracks! 

And I can slide my fingers through that shit. 

[CHORUS] : And I can smell you got beyonce Heat on  
Girl you know I love that shit 
you got me boning ...
and you know I love it when we sharing moments like this 
when you un button my shirt and, take it off -cant resist 
 when you touch me with your tongue and we kiss
 and when you brush me with your love is bliss!

you gon really put it down like that?

are you really gon touch my dick?

you gon let me put it on that ass ?

 you gon let me smack that shit? 

Repeat Chorus 

Put on your red dress and some high heels and that sweet perfume. You got me bonin, exploding, and you know it. Because you got Beyonces heat on.