Dating The Real Adonis 

It's hard for me to say what the criteria is when I haven't dated in a long time. I have been selebant for 6 years and counting; Not that-that matters because I am still a virgin (born again) . It is important to know that I am not ready to share my life with anybody accept my Grandmother during episodes of "The Young & the Restless", at noon- on week days.  While I am not sharing my life, with anyone however; I love sparing my time, body and soul. 

To start off, I actually do like walks on the beach, and dinner with the lights on, no candles- I have pyrophobia (even though I only like cooking on a gas stove.) I am willing to try new things but jumping out of plains or anything with an adrenaline rush is off my list- as I also suffer from Acrophobia, which is the fear of heights; not to be confused with Arachnaphobia, because I love spiders- I have a pet one actually its really cool, and her name is Wednesday (obvious reasons). 

I do not like corn bread, beets, or candy corn, and I refuse to eat pork, or Patti labelles sweet potatoe pie (I saw her lick her hands once)

Sexually I am very energetic, and well endowed, and anal is never an option. 

Usually I expect a woman to pickup the tab at a restaurant but only if she makes more than I do. Obviously I am looking for a woman that makes more than me. I donty date celebrities, I prefer her to be an heiress or executive. I will date as young as 22 but I prefer a woman atleast ten years older than me. 

--Oh and Marriage is not a complete deal breaker as long as you have plans to split... so that's all. If you feel like you are the one for me, just fill out the application, and one of my subserviant minions will return a responce.