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The number of great songs is simply staggering. has a catalog of more than 300 songs, playing everything from classic 70s folk rock and modern pop to alternative anthems from the 90s and 2000's trap music . If you are looking for a dynamic songwriter for your team, There is no better prospect than The Real Adonis. 

Produced in 2004, using basic instruments on an old key board; this vintage revival classic made the cut by popular demand. While I was unsatisfied with it's lack of consistency on the real time- raegae- rythmic sound. Everyone else who heard it began to fall in love with its pure, poetic honesty. This was an early inspiration for me to tap into my inner bjork or Prince (who I am oftenly compared to) The song doewsnt always have to be vocally or rythmically perfect, as long as it is satisfying. The song is about that same concept with regards to sexual four play. In that instant, where I discovered symbolism, in my music; I had no choice but to save the track. It has been a fan favorite ever since.


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