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The POLY pages ...
The POLY pages

Share your upcoming Music events, collaborations, Parties, MIXERS, and get-togethers, with other members of the POLY-Nation. 



this August...

The Generation Tour is coming to a city near you. Are you ready to perfrom and travel along side The real adonis and other fellow musicians? Go on tour and support youtr own act today, click here for details.


Upcoming Radio Spots


LETS talk about BLACK Natural HAIR!!!
Upcoming radio segment about black women and natural hair... if you are a salon owner or stylist in the business of natural hair... this may be your Opportunity... promote your business or sell your brand while conversing about the future of a popular trend ... leave your name/ business and contact information @ (678) 468-6965

Are you an ANIMAL LOVER?...
 POLYstylez is doing a radio segment about day care centers or HOUSING for pets if you are in the business of grooming, housing, or selling pets, please give us a call at (678) 468-6965 and leave your name and contact information for an opportunity to advertise your business for free. 


The Real Adonis is looking for plus size models to pose for a steamy photo shoot with "SWEAT" magazine, a new, online publication & a division of Ryme Tyme News. Models will be interviewed in the tri state area and will pose in swim suit material for a professional photographer if selected. This is a Non paying opportunity, but exposure will be guaranteed and Free photos will be available for your resume.. please leave your email address below, if you are interested and don't bother to make phone calls. (the photographer will be in touch) serious inquiries ONLY!!


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Currently casting comedians for a talent showcase in Queens Nyc, if interested call (347)653-4381

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Don't forget to check out the new album from Lambo Smooth coming November 30th 2013 and get more info at www.lambosmooth.com

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