Life.... as The Real Adonis LATRA
is about a life style & a culture.
Follow my life and LOVE, for the the arts, As I travel through time and space revealing my vision through a series of blogs that feature my music. Watch it come full circle, as every blog relates to your life in one way or another. We are all connected.

The Real ADONIS, Steffan Sylvers




Re-visit my journey through RAP music where it all started and meet super producer JOE COX with Riff Raff productions.


Enjoy a continuous journey through HIP HOP, as I video tape and document the details of my awesome life through these CLUB BANGERS produced by the LORD ITILL.


Watch the time, energy, and patience, I put into this studio , in the attempt to create a new dance track. 

POLY digital

A digital collection of freestyles by POLYstylez available exclusively on the internet.(The DIGITAL MIXED TAPE)

The real Adonis floral

The sound of sex through music!

LIVE shows POLYstylez

Watch live performances from shows, parties and events I was invited to


The life and culture of friends, fans and followers that I met while performing in the MTA train system.

Special Projects &

Fevalino Music

RIFF RAFF productions

DT productions


Ivan Ramos

The Digital mixed tape

Met you on the MTA


For bookings and collaborations call (678) 468-6965

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The Real Adonis

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