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  • I have a long e-mail list
  • I design and publish my own flyers with a street team of people to pass them out with me .
  • I have a team of people who help promote the show online. (craigs list , twitter, face book etc.)
  • There is a video campaign created for every event, in the form of an online commercial, for you tube.
  • All photos, videos, and stories are compliled into a blog on my website that serves as more promotion, giving stats and reviews about the venue and commentary from our biggest fans and performers.
  • The best part about the whole thing, is there are no performance fees- if you sign up through this website, and my artists only ask for 10 percent of the bar. 
  • Every VENUE gets their own page on my web site.
For best results, give me a date that is far enough in advance (2 months) to prepare a production schedule for  marketing; We aim for perfection. Book me direct at   (678) 468-6965- leave a message or ask for ADONIS.

I book and arrange my own shows and I get hired to promote other events. I have been on and off of homelessness-AND HAPPY- for 10 years (and I dont care that that is too much information to tell) I have made this sacrifice responsibly without the burden of common social priveleges, so I am not entertaining offers of desperation. Through out my travels I have chosen to promote other indie artists as well as myself; even booking some for my own events. None of my artists have managers, and I dont manage them contractually. I have a legion of well selected performers, of all back grounds and genres who are available for bookings if you are interested in freelance hire. Please review my list of dues and dont's before you contact me so we can have an easy transaction. leave a message at 678-468-6965 if you have a big idea.


 Shit I don't do!!


  • I DON'T Audition without an appointment 
  • I Don't manage other artists
  • I NEVER CHARGE AN "ARTIST fee" TO PERFORM-- and I never PAY a fee to perform... EVER!
  • I absolutely NEVER INVEST in a show that is not my own. ((HIRE ME FOR A PROMOTIONAL GIG instead))
  • I Dont do charities (UNLESS it is a NON -PROFIT --HOMELESS organization --FOR AMERICANS)
  • And I don't feel bad for setting standards.



Shows and EVENTS

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Inspired by early R&b legends of the 6o's and 70's, His acoustic sound most resembles bill withers and Tracy chapman....

Posted by Adonis Steffan Sylvers on Friday, April 8, 2016

2 of the Greatest voices in NYC will merge together on one night and create something similar to a solar eclipse in the...

Posted by Adonis Steffan Sylvers on Thursday, April 7, 2016

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Every cafe, lounge or restaurant I have performed at gets an honest promotional video, reflecting on my favorite, positive experiences. This serves as an avenue of promotion that lasts long after the show is over and costs nothing to make. I dont except any fees or tell any lies, and the reputation behind that serves its purpose.

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