At 17 I was bumping Janis Ian that's how I knew I was a extraterrestrial- ignorant niggas calling it bisexual. They say he funny style aint nothing like his beats. plus his flow is sicker than a bacterial disease. Flows come harder than a trick on the street. That's all I do is trick em with these words that I keep. semi similes, some will say its sick but I don't flow when I sneeze.  Come out of a bag on emcees like today was trick or treat. Treats come in all sizes mine is treacherous. Fuck with me the longest and a nigga know he catching it. They keep on claiming how they sick, my man i'm H.I.V. The most Hellenes heaven scent since B.I.G. Im really nice but I just keep it LOW KEY, To really get them notes a nigga busy hitting High C.  These niggas claiming that they GODS, sinning all in their speech.  Women claiming that they bosses, managing on they knees. You fake the funk you not realer than me. I'm Gucci with the payless.  kool like nicotine. I'm chilling like I hate checks. I built a new nest. cut a few pests off like a can of raid. authorities wanna visit my new A.P.T.   I need a stack, fuck a chain or a ring.

Fuck your difference of opinions niggas sai la vie.
I'm what bitches idolize niggas wanna be me.